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If you like to earn limitlessly, this is the right place for you to learn how.

I am Rajan from Tamilnadu, India. I am running a business firm and also successfully promoting many blog websites on different topics.

In this long process, I have gained sufficient practical experience to guide others on online as well as offline business sources.

I am a guy who has seen extreme levels of problems in life as well as business that have taught me great lessons about leading a responsible life with good earnings in an ethical way.

Being a guy from a financially backward family, I have once struggled without money to have even a single food every day.

During my teen age, I had no money to pay the school and college fee because my father died even when I was 15. However, I had the fire to come up in life. I decided to support my studies myself in my age of 16.. I studied with my own earning through a part time business of taking private tuitions to the school students of the school where I was studying.

When I was studying class 12, I took tuition classes to the students up to class 11. Since I had gained good respects in my locality, the parents sent their children to me to undergo special tuition classes.

Thus, I did till the university education with my own part time earnings.

When my classmates were playing games in leisure time, I was taking classes to students for money to support my studies.

Therefore, I started to gain experience in business and earning from my age of 16 itself.

After doing my graduation, I worked in three big companies.  With that earning, I started my own business in education and publishing in the year 1994.

In these two decades of my business experience, I have gained innumerable lessons that made me capable to face any strong waves of problems in my life.

Since I had no one to help me in my studies, business, etc., I had to learn everything on my own that was very difficult for me at that time.

Therefore, I wanted to help other young boys and girls to learn the secrets of earning so that they need not pay a heavy price for learning them like me.

Hence this blog website.

In this site, I am not writing just theoretical guidance.  I am sharing my own experience in business and earning and also the tips based on my observation of others who are earning through different business activities.

Therefore, you can find a SOUL in the words of my articles.

This website is committed to help you to —

(i)  educate about different sources of earnings;

(ii) convert your hobbies into profitable businesses;

(iii) convert your earnings into investments;

(iv) know the ‘how to’ tutorials about different businesses;

In this blog website, you will get clear HOW TO Tutorials on Blogging, SEO, WordPress,  Different Businesses, Tips for Investments, articles on enhancing business consciousness, etc.

If you like to learn the HOW TO tips on any business you want, you can write in the comments and also through the mail id:


I have a team of experts from different industries and I will present an article on every topic you require with their cooperation.

Learn to Earn; And, Earn to Learn.

Earn to Learn? What it means?

After earning, we should not get pride that we are the successful personalities in making money. Money will not remain in a single place.  You should learn how to handle the earning. And, how much you should spend for helping others, how much to keep for yourself, how much to spend, which are necessary expenses, etc.

Therefore, not just earning is sufficient; We should learn from the same earning.

We will deal with everything in this blog website.

Just be with me. I am committed to support you.

All the best.