5 Tips to Drive Traffic with Better Article Marketing Strategy

Article marketing is the best way to drive targeted traffic to your landing page. If your audience read your article first before visiting your landing page, it means they know a little bit of information about you, what you provide and what to expect. So, a click through that comes to your landing page from your article marketing represents someone who has significant interest toward something you offer.

But, article marketing is getting over-used for now, and become less effective for some people. If you want to boost your CTR in online article marketing, you have to utilize a better customer driven marketing strategy, as opposed to your usual strategy.

Here are 5 tips to drive traffic with better article marketing strategy:

1. Write for desperate people

Tweak your content to get more search engine traffic

Don’t bother to spend time writing articles for people that don’t care about what you write. For instance, why write information about introduction to internet marketing? Who cares about that? Certainly, if someone cares about it, he won’t be willing to take whatever you offer to them in the resource box. That’s why you have to write for desperate people only. They’re people with constant problem in their life, such as people who are desperately want to get a date. Find products that are targeted to desperate buyers, and your result will soar.

2. Blend nuggets of information with some sympathy

You can’t just write an article and expect that article to deliver sales for you. That’s too simplistic and you won’t get that kind of result. Certain types of articles will give you a good result, while other types of articles will bring you no result. What bring you good result is articles that contain valuable nuggets of information, with some sympathy attached on it. It will help you to make your readers take action and click that link on the resource box.

3. Don’t act as if you’re preaching your audience

When writing your articles, don’t write your article like a know-it-all guy that wants to brag about his knowledge and accomplishments. Your readers won’t respond well to this type of article. If you write to preach your audience, you won’t get anywhere. You need to write to inform your audience, and lead them. Remember that many people who are failed in article marketing are usually those who are preachy. Their audience don’t like them, and the way they talk in their writing.

4. Churn out as many articles as possible

Do you know how to succeed in article marketing? To succeed in article marketing, you just simply need to write as many articles as possible. Think about writing 30 articles per day. Those articles should be targeted for low competition keywords. If you do this every day, consistently, you will be able to drive massive traffic to your landing page. What can you achieve by writing only one article per day? It would be a slow progress for you if you do so.

5. Test your resource box, and use only what works

Most people are using different resource box in each article. It’s okay when you’re on the testing phase. However, once you’ve found a resource box that gives you good click through rate, you should stick with it. Big article directories will provide an excellent tool to track your article performance, and you should use this tool to your advantage. Test different resource boxes in your initial campaign, but once you’ve found what works, stick with it.

Those are 5 tips to drive traffic using better customer driven marketing strategy. Leave the dull article writing that you do in the past. If you follow the article marketing tips above, you should be able to drive more traffic to your landing page.


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