$0.99 Per Month Web Hosting Promotion – 1and1

Web Hosting1and1 is celebrating 25 years in business by offering one dollar per month ($4.99 regular price) web hosting service for the first 12 months.

If you plan to start your own website or blog, now is the perfect timing to do so since you only have to pay as little as 99 cents a month for great service from a trusted web hosting provider.

The promotion is for 1and1 Starter package which unfortunately does not include a free domain name as offered at regular price. However, you can easily get a top level domain name for 99-cent by performing a quick search on Google and you are good to go.

What’s included in this plan?

  • 50 GB storage – Good for personal and small business websites.
  • Unlimited bandwidth – Unlimited incoming traffic.
  • 250 2GB Email accounts – Create hundreds of different email accounts for your business.
  • 10 1GB MySQL Databases  -Setup up to 10 websites running on a single plan.

So how much is your investment for a whole year?

($0.99 * 12 Months) + $0.99 Domain Name = $12.87

1and1 High Performance Servers are also on sale. You might want to check out their Virtual Servers, Dynamic Could Server or Dedicated Servers for more details.


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