1&1 Celebrating 25 Years: $0.99/Month Web Hosting Plan & More

1&1 25 Years

1&1 is celebrating 25 years in business and they are currently offering less than $1/month ($4.99 regular price) web hosting service for the first 12 months. If you plan to start a website or blog, now is the perfect timing to do so since you only pay as little as 99 cents a month, which turns out to be exactly Continue Reading »

5 Signs of A Perfect Landing Page

Write Compelling Headlines Sales Page

If there is a perfect landing page, it should be able to convert 100% of all incoming traffic. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as perfect in affiliate marketing. However, you can make your landing page "perfect", at least in a sense that it will bring you the most conversion for your affiliate promotion. 10% Continue Reading »

5 Affiliate Marketing Truths You Must Learn

People who don’t know about how to sell cannot sell anything. You will agree with this statement. Similarly, people who don’t know about affiliate marketing cannot become successful affiliates. Do you know about affiliate marketing? Do you know how to become successful in it? Forget all the things you've learned Continue Reading »

5 Crazy Affiliate Marketing Tricks to Try Today

If you feel bored with your affiliate marketing promotion, why don’t you try something new? You know, what makes affiliate marketing a beautiful journey is that you can try hundreds or thousands of affiliate marketing tricks that will boost your sales even more. If you’re bored with Ezine Articles, you can use Continue Reading »

5 Sales-Busting Mistakes Even Successful Affiliates Make

5 Sales-Busting Mistakes Even Successful Affiliates Make

Even successful affiliates make mistakes. You know, they’re just people like you, and they’re not perfect. Do you know what their mistakes are? Here are 5 sales-busting mistakes even successful affiliates make 1. Not doing landing page split-testing Do you know that you can improve your affiliate sales by Continue Reading »

How to Create Compelling Landing Page to Promote Digital Products

Landing Page Tips

Whether you are promoting digital affiliate products using free method or paid method, you need a great landing page to ensure the process to go as smooth as possible. Make sure your landing page connects visitors with the merchant. The key is not to sell on your landing page but to presell. Even one page will Continue Reading »

5 Great Tips to Increase Conversion Rate in Promoting Amazon Products

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a great affiliate program that allows you to promote almost any kind of products online. Basically, there are two product types you can promote with Amazon Associates. Whether it is physical or digital product, you should come up with different strategies for each product type because they Continue Reading »

5 Tips to Drive Traffic with Better Article Marketing Strategy

Article Marketing Strategy

Article marketing is the best way to drive targeted traffic to your landing page. If your audience read your article first before visiting your landing page, it means they know a little bit of information about you, what you provide and what to expect. So, a click through that comes to your landing page from your Continue Reading »

How To Create Sales Copy That Converts

How to Create a Sales Copy that Win Sales

Your landing page will determine whether you will sell your product successfully or not. It is important to create a compelling copywriting for your product page. More importantly, you want to create a sales page that will generate good sales for your product. Generally, you need to aim to at least 3% conversion Continue Reading »

Five Tactics to Find Inspiring Ideas for Another Great Post

Five Tactics to Find Inspiring Ideas for Another Great Post

Blogging topics are an important factor of a successful blog and acquiring a target audience. There are times when a blogger, like any other writer, will 'loose the muse.' Idea that comes to your mind seems either trite or dull or, worse still, no ideas come to mind. When you have come to this difficult point, what Continue Reading »