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5 Signs of A Perfect Landing Page

If there is a perfect landing page, it should be able to convert 100% of all incoming traffic. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as perfect in affiliate marketing. However, you can make your landing page “perfect”, at least in a sense that it will bring you the most conversion for your affiliate promotion.

10% conversion rate is feasible and many people I know have created good landing pages that convert more than 10% of the traffic they’re sending to the merchant’s sales page.

Now, how to make this perfect landing page? You asked? Here are 5 signs to identify if your landing page is “perfect”:

1. Beautiful design and color schemes

You might think a landing page design is not important and it can’t affect your conversion in any way. But, this is where most people go wrong. A design is very important and it can significantly affect your conversion rate.

What is the best design that brings you the most conversion?

You need a beautiful design with comfortable color schemes. In other words, a design that is pleasing to the eyes as well as comfortable to look at. Trust your own eyes on this. If you see your own design as a good design, then it will be good for your audience too.

2. Provide top-notch information

When people visit your landing page, they are eager to learn about a specific problem as well as looking for a solution. People don’t want to visit a landing page just to be sent to another landing page.

Think about it. If you are in the middle of a serious problem and seeking to get a good solution for it, what would you do? Do you want to learn more about your problem or buy something without knowing what it is for?

A “perfect” landing page should address its audience problem appropriately, educate them as a pro in the field as well as offer a good solution for it.

3. Convert even with little traffic

Try to send some traffic to your landing page and measure how the conversion rate goes. If the traffic from your landing page converts in a very good percentage, such as 10% or above, then you can be assured that it is “perfect” enough for you.

The magic of having a landing page is that it can multiply your conversion rate because you’re generally preselling your audience before sending them away. Thus, you’re making them wanting to buy your affiliate product even before you send them to the merchant’s sales page, which will result in high conversion rate.

4. Have high click through rate

Look at the click through rate as well. A good landing page will give you a very good click through rate, such as 60%. And remember that those click through are highly-presold traffic that will convert easily. Unless you have a good CTR in your landing page, you can’t say that you’ve done a good job with it.

5. Persuasive copy

The last thing to look for is your copy, whether it is persuasive or not. The more persuasive your copy, the more click through you will have and the more sales you will generate. This is actually the element that you must include in your landing page. You don’t want to just write an informative landing page. You must also make sure that your landing page can motivate people to take action.

Keep improving your landing page so that it will give you the most conversion. The only thing that you can do to achieve this goal is to make your landing page more “perfect”, by incorporating the signs of high converting landing pages to your own landing page.

5 Affiliate Marketing Truths You Must Learn

People who don’t know about how to sell cannot sell anything. You will agree with this statement. Similarly, people who don’t know about affiliate marketing cannot become successful affiliates.

Do you know about affiliate marketing? Do you know how to become successful in it?

Forget all the things you’ve learned about affiliate marketing. Here are 5 new affiliate marketing truths you must learn:

1. What entices your audience to buy is your copy

No matter what method of promotion you’re using, the thing that entices people to buy your affiliate product is your copy. Whether it is a PPC ad, an article, a blog post, or a website, what you put on it is what will entice people to respond.

Write a bad copy and you’ll be doomed to get wasted traffic. Write a good copy and you’ll make yourself rich with affiliate marketing. All affiliate marketing activities should be supported by decent copywriting skills.

If you don’t know about copywriting at all, then it will become your biggest disadvantage, as you’ll spend lots of money to outsource everything.

2. Support from affiliate merchant is invaluable

Whatever product that you’re promoting, whether it’s a good product or not, will not matter much if that product is not fully supported by the merchant.

What does it mean?

As an affiliate, you need some kind of directions from the merchant regarding how to promote a product. If you are left to do everything alone in promoting a product, without any support from the merchant, then you’ll end up losing all your resources just to prove whether that product is worth promoting or not.

A good merchant will give full support to its affiliates. It is better for you to work with the merchant that gives full support to its affiliates because it will save you a lot of time and effort.

3. Consistency is the name of the game

Whatever method you’re using in trying to generate sales for your promotion, there is one rule that is certain to bring you positive result. It is called consistency.

So, suppose that you like to promote a product using article marketing. It is better for you to write one article per day each and every day rather than to write 20 articles today and not writing anything for the next 3 months. Consistency is the secret of success in affiliate marketing.

4. Traffic doesn’t mean conversion

How much traffic you’re getting doesn’t affect your conversion rate. What affects your conversion rate is your copy.

If your copy sucks, you might only convert 1 sale from 1000 visitors. But, if you write good copy, you can convert 5 sales from 100 visitors.

So, your traffic is not the measure for your success in affiliate marketing. However, it can multiply your sales if you have a good copy to begin with.

5. Landing page can multiply your sales tenfold

It is best to avoid sending your audience directly to your merchant’s sales page. It is dangerous.

Why? That’s because you’ll lose lots of traffic in the process. People don’t want to buy in the first time they arrive at your merchant’s sales page. They need information and more information.

It is better to send your traffic to your landing page instead of directly to your merchant’s sales page. It can help you to multiply your sales tenfold. In addition to that, you can use the traffic for various purposes, such as list building.

Master the new truths about affiliate marketing above and you’ll improve your result significantly. Do you have zero sales last week? No problem. Apply this knowledge and you’ll be surprised about how many sales you’ll make in the next week.

5 Crazy Affiliate Marketing Tricks to Try Today

If you feel bored with your affiliate marketing promotion, why don’t you try something new?

You know, what makes affiliate marketing a beautiful journey is that you can try hundreds or thousands of affiliate marketing tricks that will boost your sales even more.

If you’re bored with Ezine Articles, you can use YouTube. If you’re bored with AdWords, you can try Facebook. And so on.

Here are 5 crazy affiliate marketing tricks to try today

1. Participate in product launch

There is big money to be made in a product launch. Remember that product launch is the perfect timing to rake lots of affiliate sales.

If you know a hot product to be launched soon, you should be prepared to join the hype. Most vendors are already having a good plan for a perfect product launch. If you just follow the plan, then you can get a slice of the sales pie quite easily.

Just prepare a list where you can presell your audience, and you’ll be good to go. In the event that the product is launched to the public, you’ll see significant sales coming to your account.

2. Placing ads in Facebook

Facebook is the best place for you to test new products and offers because it has what you’re looking for the most: your audience.

There are millions of Facebook users worldwide and they are on each and every niche imaginable. Moreover, you can use Facebook to target specific audience easily, which is perfect for affiliate promotion.

If you’re doing regular PPC with AdWords, why not try a different channel for your PPC advertising? If so, Facebook is the best place to go.

3. Promote a hot product

Try to find a hot product that you can promote today. Moreover, try to promote product that has complete affiliate tools so that you can use them easily and effortlessly.

A hot product is usually proven to be high quality, which will help you to sell it more easily. If you’re promoting products on one niche for a long time, try to do some promotions on different niches, promoting different products. Perhaps you can leverage your success in this way.

You can use your successful promotion strategy to promote another product and experiment with it for a while.

4. Track your traffic

Do you want to know where your sales come from? Don’t you want to just have sales, but you want to know which promotion method generates those sales? You should start tracking your traffic if you haven’t done it already.

If you know where the sales come from, you’ll be able to expand your promotion. You will be able to eliminate what doesn’t work, and leverage what works well for you.

Most affiliates don’t install tracking code in their promotion, and this is a bad mistake.

5. Join in the crazy trends

Perhaps, you already know that people will buy on trends. What’s hot today? What’s popular today? What people like to buy today? Use Google Trends to find out what’s hot. And not just finding out what’s hot, you need to make sure to follow the trends. You need to promote product in hot trends.

You’ll be surprised at how converting your offer will be.

Those affiliate marketing tricks will surely bring you a new color in your affiliate marketing business. More importantly, they will help you to generate additional sales for your promotion. It’s a good idea to try one of those tricks today.

5 Sales-Busting Mistakes Even Successful Affiliates Make

Even successful affiliates make mistakes. You know, they’re just people like you, and they’re not perfect. Do you know what their mistakes are?

Here are 5 sales-busting mistakes even successful affiliates make

1. Not doing landing page split-testing

Do you know that you can improve your affiliate sales by split-testing your landing page?

This is something that most people don’t do. Even some successful affiliates don’t go through the process of split testing landing pages. However, you should know that no matter how good your conversion rate with your current landing page is, you can still improve it.

The purpose of split testing is to improve your conversion rate. So, if there’s still room for you to improve your result, why not do that?

2. Using too much hypes

People hate hypes. Yet, most affiliates are trying to use too much hypes in their copy. Do you think that it will improve the likelihood for your audience to take your offer? NO!

Most people will not respond to hypes. They don’t even think that hypes are cool. In fact, most people know that hypes are just hypes. Therefore, they’re not going to fall into that trap. If you use too much hypes in your copy, then you are risking the trust of your audience.

3. Being too forceful

Yes, you should be able to motivate your audience to take action. But, you shouldn’t do it in a forceful way. You shouldn’t yell to them like “Hey, click this link! Click this link!” in order to entice them to click your affiliate link. By being too forceful, you will scare your audience away. In fact, you will make them want to leave your landing page as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that people are not going to buy something if they think that they’re forced to do it.

4. Giving too much information

One of the most important things that you must include in your copy is a curiosity factor. If your landing page doesn’t have this curiosity factor, then people won’t feel compelled to check out your merchant’s sales page.

Giving too much information will make people want to stay on your landing page longer. You might think that it is good for you. But, it’s not. You need to send them to the merchant’s sales page. You don’t want them to just sit on your landing page without going anywhere, because all the information is already there.

You need to limit your information and give a sense of curiosity in your landing page in order to attract people’s interest to click on your affiliate link.

5. Not focusing on targeted traffic

Do you still think traffic is the most important thing that will bring you sales?

If so, then you should refine your thinking a bit. Traffic is important. But, there are many types of traffic coming to your page and not all traffics convert into sales.

Targeted traffic is what you need to increase your conversion rate because there are real people with real problem on it. If you just send any kind of traffic to your landing page, without thinking whether it’s targeted or not, it won’t give you any better result.

You should focus on sending targeted traffic to your landing page to make sure that it will improve your conversion and sales.

When you make mistakes, it halts your success in affiliate marketing because such mistakes can effectively lose you lots of sales. Be sure to avoid the same mistakes in your affiliate promotion.

How to Create Compelling Landing Page to Promote Digital Products

Whether you are promoting digital affiliate products using free method or paid method, you need a great landing page to ensure the process to go as smooth as possible. Make sure your landing page connects visitors with the merchant.

The key is not to sell on your landing page but to presell.

Even one page will work, if you know what to write

Creating a landing page shouldn’t be a tedious thing to do. You can even create just one page in a free blogging platform, and it will generate sales for you when you drive targeted traffic to it. Of course, that’s if you know what to write.

What should you write in your one page landing page? This is what works for me: write about the benefit of the product, followed by a review. It will presell your audience enough to click through the affiliate merchant’s sales page with buying mindset.

Don’t be flashy and sound like a marketer

People don’t like to be pitched by marketers. That’s why you have to make sure your landing page does not reveal that you’re a marketer. Write your landing page not as a marketer, but as a knowledgeable friend.

Most people write their landing page as a marketer, and they write their copy like a salesperson offering product to their audience. As a result, they get very small click through rate. If you want to be compelling in your landing page, you have to avoid being flashy and sound like a marketer.

Keep a low tone

Do you know what this means? Write like a humble guy. I mean, most people have a writing style with high tone, which sounds arrogant and non-sensitive. In order for you to win the hearts of your audience, and generate some sales quickly with your landing page, you have to write with a low tone. Don’t be too aggressive.

Remember that you’re not selling here. You are warming up your readers and persuade them to go to the merchant’s sales page. So, keep a low tone. Have some kind of empathy toward your audience’s problem.

Be sensitive with your audience’s problem

Don’t be a mean and insensitive person. Write your landing page for your audience, not for yourself. Your audience is looking for the best solution for their problem. If you’re insensitive toward their problem, you won’t have a share of their cash.

That’s true especially if you promote products that are targeted to hungry crowd. They are very emotional, and need someone to guide them who will understand their emotion, and how they think. Then, guide your audience to the merchant step by step.

Don’t sell

You’re creating an intermediary page between your visitors and your merchant. You are the middleman. You are not the seller or the vendor. You are not creating a sales page. So, don’t sell in your landing page. Your visitors will be sold enough by the merchant later.

Your job is to warm up your prospects so that they come to the merchant page feeling ready to buy. This will significantly increase your conversion rate.

Most people are having very low conversion rate from their landing page, usually because they make mistakes in the creation of the landing page. Remember, even one page will work if you know what to write on it. This is true especially if you’re promoting digital information products.

5 Great Tips to Increase Conversion Rate in Promoting Amazon Products

Amazon Associates is a great affiliate program that allows you to promote almost any kind of products online.

Basically, there are two product types you can promote with Amazon Associates. Whether it is physical or digital product, you should come up with different strategies for each product type because they target different kinds of people.

When choosing a product to promote, you need to focus on the social element. The more positive reviews it has, the higher conversion rate it generates. If you want to make a killing with Amazon Associates program, here are 5 great tips to boost your conversion rate.

1. Use fancy images

Entice your visitors with images. There is a reason why Amazon includes lots of images in its product landing page. Images attract more attention and boost visitors’ motivation to buy the product.

Imagine browsing Amazon’s products without images. That will be a dull and boring experience. Since you are about to promote a physical product, images will determine the sales. Be sure to provide your visitors with multiple screen shots of the product. Also, if you can, embed a video about the product.

2. Review works best

The best way to promote Amazon product is writing reviews. However, the type of reviews does matters. What type of reviews bring the most sales?

The answer is editorial reviews, reviews that you usually see in magazine, works best in converting visitors into buyers. This type of review is the one that will pull the most sales from your promotion. You should go in this route when promote Amazon’s products.

3. Create a mini site

This strategy works nicely to increase your Amazon sales. When you create a mini site, focus on one particular product per website. Limit the website to a maximum of 7 pages. You should use 5 pages for general information, tips related to the product, and you will use the other 2 pages for reviews and about us page.

Drive targeted traffic to this website and see what happens. Usually, people that come to your website will be very targeted visitors who are ready to buy the product. Thus, you will get a better conversion rate for statistics. You need to find out what works and what doesn’t in order to further optimize your website’s content.

4. Keep your website simple

You want to keep your visitors focus on the product. In other words, do not distract them with other advertisements. Seriously, it will only decrease your conversion rate.

Keep your website simple, clean, and professional. This way, you can direct your visitors from the content to your affiliate links without distraction.

5. Use Amazon’s optimized theme

There are premium themes created by fellow internet marketers that will help to boost your Amazon sales. You just need to install a WordPress blog, select one good premium Amazon-optimized theme, and you’re ready to go. Configure your website, add some content, and drive traffic to it. It is simple but will help you to generate more sales.

Follow our tips and see how much more money you can make. Normally, it will add some extra cash in your Amazon affiliate account quickly.

5 Tips to Drive Traffic with Better Article Marketing Strategy

Article marketing is the best way to drive targeted traffic to your landing page. If your audience read your article first before visiting your landing page, it means they know a little bit of information about you, what you provide and what to expect. So, a click through that comes to your landing page from your article marketing represents someone who has significant interest toward something you offer.

But, article marketing is getting over-used for now, and become less effective for some people. If you want to boost your CTR in online article marketing, you have to utilize a better customer driven marketing strategy, as opposed to your usual strategy.

Here are 5 tips to drive traffic with better article marketing strategy:

1. Write for desperate people

Tweak your content to get more search engine traffic

Don’t bother to spend time writing articles for people that don’t care about what you write. For instance, why write information about introduction to internet marketing? Who cares about that? Certainly, if someone cares about it, he won’t be willing to take whatever you offer to them in the resource box. That’s why you have to write for desperate people only. They’re people with constant problem in their life, such as people who are desperately want to get a date. Find products that are targeted to desperate buyers, and your result will soar.

2. Blend nuggets of information with some sympathy

You can’t just write an article and expect that article to deliver sales for you. That’s too simplistic and you won’t get that kind of result. Certain types of articles will give you a good result, while other types of articles will bring you no result. What bring you good result is articles that contain valuable nuggets of information, with some sympathy attached on it. It will help you to make your readers take action and click that link on the resource box.

3. Don’t act as if you’re preaching your audience

When writing your articles, don’t write your article like a know-it-all guy that wants to brag about his knowledge and accomplishments. Your readers won’t respond well to this type of article. If you write to preach your audience, you won’t get anywhere. You need to write to inform your audience, and lead them. Remember that many people who are failed in article marketing are usually those who are preachy. Their audience don’t like them, and the way they talk in their writing.

4. Churn out as many articles as possible

Do you know how to succeed in article marketing? To succeed in article marketing, you just simply need to write as many articles as possible. Think about writing 30 articles per day. Those articles should be targeted for low competition keywords. If you do this every day, consistently, you will be able to drive massive traffic to your landing page. What can you achieve by writing only one article per day? It would be a slow progress for you if you do so.

5. Test your resource box, and use only what works

Most people are using different resource box in each article. It’s okay when you’re on the testing phase. However, once you’ve found a resource box that gives you good click through rate, you should stick with it. Big article directories will provide an excellent tool to track your article performance, and you should use this tool to your advantage. Test different resource boxes in your initial campaign, but once you’ve found what works, stick with it.

Those are 5 tips to drive traffic using better customer driven marketing strategy. Leave the dull article writing that you do in the past. If you follow the article marketing tips above, you should be able to drive more traffic to your landing page.

How To Create Sales Copy That Converts

Your landing page will determine whether you will sell your product successfully or not.

It is important to create a compelling copywriting for your product page. More importantly, you want to create a sales page that will generate good sales for your product. Generally, you need to aim to at least 3% conversion rate for your sales page. If you get a number lower than that, consider it a failure landing page.

A winning sales page consists of many elements. The best way to learn to write great sales copy is to leverage the years of experience of some great copywriters who have already tried, tested, and done all the research for you.

Here are some of the proven copywriting techniques I used that bring in business.

1. Write an attention-grabbing headline

The most important component of a sales page is the headline. You need to write a captivating headline that motivates your audience to keep reading. You need to do this correctly, otherwise no one will read your copy at all.

An effective headline consists of 3 important elements. They are problem, emotional trigger, and solution. If you can combine these three elements, you will surely have a winning headline.

2. Flow

Make sure that your headline is flowing smoothly. It should read like a river’s flow. You need to proofread it many times to ensure the flow of your sales copy. Great landing page headlines will smoothly bring your audience from headlines to the buy now button. Most failed sales page are those that don’t have a good flow in it.

3. Break the resistance

People will have resistance that will prevent them from buying your product. What you need to know is the reason why they resist to buy, and address the problem in your sales page. For instance, if you’re selling a high-ticket item, you need to assure your audience that their investment will worth the money they spend.

There are many resistances that your audience will go through before they click on the buy now button. You need to break all the possible resistances in your sales page.

4. Power of Social proof

It is best to release your product to a small circle to get their testimonials before you launch your sales page. When you give your audience enough social proof, you will give them enough reason to buy. That’s especially true when you get testimonials from well-known experts in the subject.

Why do you think many books contain testimonials from various people (usually authors) in the back cover? Successful sales pages have lots of genuine testimonials from people who actually use the product.

5. Add a sense of urgency

Give your visitors a good reason to buy now rather than later. Adding expire coupons, discount, or limit quantity works very well in this case.

6. Build email marketing list

To prevent visitors from leaving your sales page, create another page where you will ask for their email address. Most common practice is adding an exit popup message. Write something like “Wait, I’m giving away a FREE course that will help you to solve your problem” and give away free product in exchange of their email address.

People may fail to buy your product but at least become your list subscribers. What you need to do next is to send follow-up emails. This way, you will not loose your potential customers and still be able to reach them with your next email marketing strategies.


Whether you are selling affiliate products, your own products or services of any niche, you can break down the sales copy of highly converting pages and then craft your own sales copy templates – to get the best possible conversion rate for your product.

Take time create one good copy for your product and it will guarantee your sales pitch will convert into sales.

Five Tactics to Find Inspiring Ideas for Another Great Post

Blogging topics are an important factor of a successful blog and acquiring a target audience. There are times when a blogger, like any other writer, will ‘loose the muse.’ Idea that comes to your mind seems either trite or dull or, worse still, no ideas come to mind.

When you have come to this difficult point, what are you to do?

There are several suggestions that you can apply to find inspiring ideas for writing great blog posts.

1. Free your mind

“Divorce” your blog for a while. I’m sure you can live just find without it.

Since you’ve been writing them same content over and over. Your mind get used to it and it is what limits fresh ideas from coming.

Instead of thinking about a topic that you are already familiar with, you may want to write about whatever is on your mind, or create some sorts of an online journal, something off the page of your daily routine.

Talk to interesting people about topics that might be worth blogging or use the topics that they respond strongly to in order to gather ideas for your posts.

2. Do your research

People make billions of search each month and there are popular search terms listed on large search sites every day. You can look at these popular search terms and creating posts using them.

Not only it increases traffic to your blog because these topics are hot, but also you can create things specifically for your readers and get a great chance of converting that traffic into long-term attention with your content.

3. Start with the news

The news is a another great place to gather topic information. See what catches your attention, something that worries you or topics that  leave you with a question mark – do you agree with the opinions?

Many bloggers or blog readers are sports fans and they might be interested in joining the conversation regarding a certain event.

4. Read other blogs

Start surfing your favorite blogs and see what they have been up to. You might have a different perspective on the latest hot topic that might just be interesting to your fellow readers or a perspective that might make them mad. Emotion is always a good blog motivator but don’t get so angry, you get irrational.

Comment on some blog posts and then expand your comments into a post on your blog  — there are tons of ideas that are worth writing about from either a pro or con perspective.

5. Share personal experience

The fact that blogs are personal in nature – meaning if you have something to say and you want others to hear it, make it publish. Publish contents reflecting your moods for the day or sharing what you have done for the past few weeks.

Keep it short and amusing and you’ll have a great post.

Bonus: Give away contest

This is a very powerful method if used correctly. Make it a regular feature on you blog.

Writing great content alone is not enough, especially when you are in this stage. Giving away contest is the best way to fill in the emptiness. The best part is you don’t have to think about a topic to write anymore, but still be able to keep your reader engaged.

If you have something worth giving out to your blog readers, pull off some interesting contest, then write something based on the subject.

To write great blog content, you cannot always write about what you want to write. If you want to achieve some kind of massive readership, you must keep your readers’ interests in mind when writing.

Doing research on various topics may take a little time and you might never be writing about what you want, but you will likely have more fresh content than ever.

After all, a successful blog depends on the freshness of the content and readers to show up often.